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Our products inspire you to take a holistic approach to your wellbeing through gratitude, positivity and self love and assist you throughout your journey to achieving your goals.

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If you are embarking on a journey to better wellbeing, whether physically, emotionally, or both, you need The Holistic Body Journal. With prompts and advice, this journal is a guide to support you as you work towards a truly fulfilling life.


We envision a body-positive world where people aspire to get fitter and healthier because they love themselves. We aim to make a tangible difference - not only in your holistic wellness but also in your perception of yourself.

Customer Reviews


Incredibly Useful Tool

Ever since using this journal, I have found that I am implementing all of the goals that I am setting, the journal holds me accountable and it is so satisfying ticking my goals off each day, I go to sleep feeling better and I wake up looking forward to filling out my journal.
Will definitely be repurchasing!

United Kingdom

Effective and Versatile!

I loved how using this journal made it easier for me to see the best in myself; every day I feel like I have more reasons that I am grateful for my body.
I also found the versatility so useful, as I used the journal to keep track of challenges in my mental health treatment in addition to my fitness goals.
Easily the best journal I have used!

United Kingdom

This journal has helped me be so much more thoughtful about how I spend each day. After writing down my goals, I feel a sense of clarity and optimism, because I have a practical approach to achieving them.
Although keeping up with tasks may seem challenging at first, it has given me a stronger sense of accountability for my goals. A brilliant journal!

United Kingdom

Best Journal
I have thoroughly enjoyed using this journal so far! I look forward to reading the positive quotes each morning. Using the journal sets me up well for the day and I can already see the impact it has had. Goal setting in the context of self love has been a game changer for me. Thank you for producing such a wonderful journal.

United Kingdom

Amazing Journal

I'm in love with this Journal. It is easy to use and has amazing quotes and tips. I look forward to keep using this in my daily life routine. It has helped immensely. By far one of the best Journals I've used.

United Kingdom

a MUST buy!! Worth every penny

I love this journal, I’ve found that it’s really helped me shape my day and I now look forward to adding in my goals for the day and then ticking them off at the end of the day. It’s given me a great feeling of fulfilment and I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!!!

United Kingdom

Daily Therapy

This is an outstanding diary, with many of my favourite quotes on every page, with lots of bits to do and read inside you’ll never get bored working on yourself. Thank you so much for this!

United Kingdom

Very helpful and inspiring

The Holistic Body Journal has helped me move on from low self esteem, self doubt and fear into self love, Strength, courage and gratitude.

United Kingdom

So helpful

I've bought this journal as a tool for my self-improval journey. When I received it I wanted to return it because I found it focusing on the body, not on the mind (what I originally wanted).
I wrote an email to the customer services team and they've let me know that this journal is just as much a great tool for self-improval as much for body shaping purpuses. I kept the journal and I am very happy I did. It has helped me to get closer to my goal pretty quickly and this whole story was a lesson to myself - we have to look at our body as a whole, very complex miracle. There is no phisical body and mind separetly. They are connected and if I feel happy mentally my body is going to feel amazing too and vica versa.
I highly recommend this journal to everyone :)
I also would like to say a special thank you to the customer service team who was extreamly helpful and very understanding and offered to ask them for help anytime in the future.
Thank you

United Kingdom